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 Thank you to

Riley's Yacht Club
99-72 Russell Street Howard Beach NY 11414

for hosting our meetings

Past year's T Shirts & Patches are still available.
If you would like to order please send an email to

I.B.T.F.T is helping organize and support this event. The iron workers have been coming to
our run for years and this time they could use our help trying to assist Izzy and her family. Please join us at Riely’s on November 22, 2014. I’m sure we will have a great time and be doing a good thing in the process. There will be raffle tickets for sale by next week. Please read the statement below.

For those of you who don't know, recently our brother Eddie Chase's seven year old granddaughter Izzy was diagnosed with an Astrocytoma which is a cancerous brain tumor. Fortunately doctors were able to remove most of it during surgery. She is recovering and has to constantly go back and forth to doctors to be monitored to make sure there is no more growth along with dealing with several issues as a direct result of the tumor.

Izzy is an amazing little girl who is in great spirits despite her terrible circumstances.
Eddie is a close personal friend of mine, a great Iron worker and a helluva brother who would
not hesitate to help any of his fellow brothers. He has stood outside the hall with me and harassed
you guys to no end while we sold raffle tickets for the Wounded Warriors. He has also harassed
you all to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis every January and then he and his family come to
my house and and we jump in the frigid ocean together to raise money and awareness.

Now it's his turn to be helped. As you can imagine Izzy's care is expensive, insurance doesn't
cover everything and they could use our help. On that note I want to inform you of a fundraiser
we will be having on November 22 @ 2pm. It will be held at Riley's Yacht Club in
Hamilton Beach, Queens. There will be drinks, games, raffles, prizes, fifty/fifty and much more.
Come on down, all proceeds will be going to help offset the cost of Izzy's medical bills.

Right around Thanksgiving it's a great chance to give thanks for what you have and help a great
person in need. Please come down. If you can't make it make a donation [any donation]. We will
be raffling off tickets to ball games, tattoo gift certificates and more. If any of you have or know someone who has anything to donate that can be raffled please reach out to me @ 347-524-0968. Also please spread the word to anyone that knows Eddie and doesn't have Facebook.

Guy Bove