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2013 Toy Run Chance Book Winners

Thanks to all who those who help support IBTFT by participating in the raffle

First Place Winner..... Hers and His Leather Shirts
Donated by Branded Leather ...1-800-BRANDED

Rich, Upstate, NY

Second Place Winner..... Motorcycle Luggage
Donated by Saddleman

David, Queens, NY

Third Place Winner..... Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag 
Donated by  Saddleman

Andy, Long Island, NY

Fourth Place Winner..... Embroided Denim Shirt
Donated by D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.

Mary, Long Island, NY

Fifth Place Winner..... $75.00 Gift Certificate for Lenny's Claim Bar
Donated by Richetti Family

Carol, Long Island, NY

What a great day!!!!!!  What a great job!!!!!!

We thank you, one and all for all you do to make this Toy Run as successful each year as it has been. Thank you once again and we hope to see each and everyone one of you this year.  Be safe, stay healthy and have a wonderful holiday season.......



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