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The Biker

There are people that think bikers are mean.
Some dress in leather and others in jeans.
You don't like our patches or the clothes that we wear.
You hate our bandanas and hate our long hair.
You don't like our scooters and our loud noisy pipes.
You think we're not loyal to the stars and the stripes.
You don't like our patches that are worn on our vests.

You think we're so different from all the rest.
But the truth is mister, we're kind of alike.
You drive a car and I drive a bike.
You have no tattoos painted on your arm
But we fought side by side over in "Nam".
So the next time your children are running around,
enjoying their freedom and the fun that they've found.
Remember us bikers and all that we do.
We feed our lost veterans, we're red, white and blue.
We bring toys for tots, just to see a smile,
by riding our bikes for miles and miles.
You see us bikers have never forgot,
our homeless veterans and less fortunate tots.
We are loyal to our clubs and true to our bro's.
We will always wear black from our heads to our toes.

Society once said that long hair was for fags.
but you'll never see a biker burning a flag.
Now tattoos and leather, you don't understand,
stands for free independence that us bikers demand.
Our long hair and patches with loud pipes,
is a tribute to our freedom, the stars and the stripes.
So before you make up your mind on just what I might be.
Take a look in the mirror and what do you see?
The man that you see that is staring right back,
is not too much different from the biker in black.

Ride Safe, Ride Free

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The Biker
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